per aspera adastra


The adastra team includes a number of university trained linguists and language specialists from all over the world. Their commitment and dedication, just as much as their experience and personality, help them to assist you - and improve your language skills.


Doubtless, language and languages tie people together in social interaction. The joy and pleasure of which being the mainspring of any language teaching and learning, we have been favoured immeasurably to have seen and - let us here express our thanks and gratitute to all of them - cared for a vast variety of clients and students to satisfy their highest ambitions.

what & who for

We offer a wide range of language services for clients from all walks of life and from all corners and pockets of the world:

*)  university students (eg. Latin courses, translation studies, history, etc)

*) working adults as well as job seekers (AMS)

*) students from secondary schools (tuition, coaching / Nachhilfe)

*) senior citizens (further education)

*) national and international companies

*) scientists / researchers (consulting on papers & presentations)

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